You Can Be Part of the Effort

Public Eyes Media is embarking to create the largest public hair sample database in the USA.  We will use this information to further investigate environmental degradation and pollution.

When you ORDER your personal hair sample analysis from Direct Laboratory Services, you will learn more about your health today than dozens or tests and scans combined. This is VERY IMPORTANT – your personal information will be held strictly confidential – only the results of the test along with a geographic location will be used for our analysis and work.

In a 300 page report in August 1979, “Toxic Trace Metals in Mammalian Hair and Nails” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stated that toxic metals are the 2nd worst environmental health problem in the United States. Toxic metals are widely used in industry, agriculture and food processing.

Through carelessness or ignorance, toxic metals find their way into our air, water and food supply.

The tragedy is that toxic metals are largely overlooked in medical training, and equally ignored in many textbooks of  nutrition. Toxic metals represent a less glamorous, but no less important side of biochemistry and pathology that can indeed explain the cause of many important illnesses and symptoms.

More About Environmental Toxicity and You

“… that trace element analysis along single strands of human hair can yield information about essential and toxic elements, and for some elements, can be correlated with seasonal changes in diet and exposure. The information obtained from the trace element profiles of human hair in this study substantiates the potential of hair as a biomarker.”

From: Trace Element Profiles in Single Strands of Human Hair Determined by HR-ICP-MS K. Gellein : S. Lierhagen : T. P. Flaten

Department of Chemistry, Norwegian University of Science and Technology