Cause & Effect

When it is toxic contamination of our sky look-up to chimneys, smoke stacks and tail pipes.


When it is pollution of the ocean, the source of most of our oxygen,look at the rivers and your own homes and see everything downstream dying.


When it is the human body and that of our pets and food food animals we can not see the causes until it is too late. With the use of hair samples we can see the cause of almost all disease. Don’t believe those who are not taught to do this simple test. Doctors are not friends is this story or not many.


When disease like Alzheimer’s and cancer, mental illness and mind confusion are invading our bodies we are experiencing the effect before seeing the cause in time to reverse it with the simple action of proactive natural medicine. Most diease can be stopped with knowledge of what is in our bodies.


Effect before the cause is not natures way.


A simple painless hair sample you can do at home tells great truths and heals where AMA medicine fails.


See what is in your body and know the enemy then attract health by removing the cause.


– Captain

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