I had not seen Captain Garry Burris for 3 years when he entered my office in Hot Springs Arkansas, unexpectedly as usual, when coming home from the sea or from some activist mission.

Within minutes Captain Garry, looked me straight in the eyes and said very calmly: you are suffering from “Chemtrail” poisoning.

I knew this captain was a fine researcher and thinker and doer for almost 40 years. I listened to him because having observed his career, as a fisherman then an environmental activist, teacher and filmmaker I knew he was telling me a strong truth about something I did not understand, yet. I trusted him.

My first reaction, like almost everyone confronted with something so big, was show me “Chemtrails”. I was not a blind believer because gathering accurate information has been a big part of my professional life.

When Captain Garry was a crewman on shrimping boats in the Gulf of Mexico and Campeche he would come home telling stories of destruction of the ocean. And his information and stories grew even more so when he became a fishing captain, then he would come home from the sea with new information and new stories from several oceans and finally from around the world. Eventually he captained a tall ship for many years exploring the world’s oceans in search of the truth.

He would then share observations not just concerning the state of the ocean he soon came to understand a greater story of the state of our world. As he would call it “our shared life support system”.

He made predications about the future of our world and the sea. I wish he had been wrong but everything he predicted to me and to a writer at the Arkansas Gazette in 1983 happened and is happening now. That article was written by Margaret Arnold. Everything she wrote about his ideas and future vision came true. This ‘chem-madness’ had to be true and to my dismay: It is!

To prove how organized the spraying program was Captain Garry, drove me up to the top of North Mountain in Hot Springs, Arkansas then set up his camera in front a little mountain pavilion. He said they would fly by in 3 minutes and they did. He had learned that they had a schedule and route to spray over.

While he was videoing me with his camera, in three minutes’ spraying planes appeared over my shoulder. Later, I would come to understand through scientific evidence that the chemical trails were made up of the deadly combination of aluminum, barium and cadmium that came from a chemical in jet engine fuel and from nozzles along the tail and wings.

These long lasting, often swirling lines, became clouds and whited the sky for days at a time. One other MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction and Mutually Assured dividends “sci-fi-elite” idea was to spray Nano-particulate coal ash. This idea shut down all the vital energy our bodies must have to make the vital vitamin d for us, mammals and even the crazies who did it. They possess the knowledge and the antidotes but light energy or life energy is needed by all.  They stopped that quick.

To show me more evidence Captain Gary asked me to let him cut several strands of hair from my head for a hair sample to send to a physician and lab in Louisiana.

Being in the health-related professional, and a clinical psychologist, with many years of experience working with Alzheimer’s and dementia I was intrigued! Could he see Alzheimer’s in me and help cure me?

He assured me that if the results of the hair test were negative then he would pay the cost.

Imagine the shock, my shock, at the results, a week later, that showed 12x’s the expected range of toxicity in Aluminum in the first hair sample.

Most people have heard of reducing exposure from pots and pans, deodorant and any other contact to the mineral aluminum.  Were those, maybe disinformation excuses, fed to the public to help hide this chemical spraying reality? Maybe?

After this it became easy for me to make the leap from low level crop duster over Arkansas and high level spraying for other reasons. I heard the secret program was called ‘HAAD’ or high altitude atmospheric delivery. What and why became questions needing answering!

A year later after going through extensive chelation with over 20 intravenous EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) chelation and followed with a pill capsule form of chelation of EDTA , a second hair sample was administered. My toxicity had dropped to 5% of what had been in my brain and body before chelation. I was recovering my former health and back to work.

Following this treatment, a mass of material was found in my bladder the size of a small baseball. Logically this was the concentrated material that the chelation drove from my body but a prostrate problem may have blocked the material allowing it to clump together.

After the surgery, I ask to see the mass and they refused to let me see my property or take it home. Taking home gall stones has been normal procedure for a long time and now I am told a government official came and got the mass. Maybe to stop me from putting 2 and 2 together?

Most of my physicians were critical of this hair sample and looked at me as though this evidence was just a fluke of exposure and that blood sampling could also reveal what the hair sampling had revealed. They were taught a wrong assumption to prevent real medicine from seeing the dangers of living in America and possibly planned and chemically administrated human obsolescence.

The liability issue looms for those found guilty of knowingly spraying this toxin on all of us. We are all in danger without the antidotes.

However, my thinking and mental processes had now vastly improved as well as other physical ailments. Aluminum poisoning takes all kinds of avenues in producing its physical symptoms. My best thanks to the universal providence that came with this physical dilemma. Here was a chance, with a clear mind again, to give a big thanks to Gary and his work to heal our planet and knowing that he had also saved my life twice gives me a greater sense of respect for this real old soul. He is truly a captain of many things including himself. Of note the only physician I know of who regularly uses hair sampling is a veterinarian.

How to Defend yourselves

Hair sampling can be the best way to start investigating your levels of toxic metal exposure and disease caused by essential mineral depletion. Almost all dis-ease can be tracked back to disease fighting mineral depletion.  Since most of my time today has been inside an office and differences exist between people, caution is the best part of valor.

Hair sampling can be the best method to begin your journey of finding out personally what your health future may be so if you are  searching for answers this is the real deal.

Metal toxicity, in part, can result from years of vaccines, mercury dental fillings, food products additives, etc. over all nations of the world.  But I had not had a vaccine in more than half a century.

It is simple deduction: In goes molecularly heavy toxic metals and out goes the essentials. This is “displacement chemistry” very simple stuff.

‘Chemtrails’, and contrails, contain plenty of toxic metals and other gaseous toxins that have been sprayed and jetted upon you for many years. All the other causes mentioned above are not even a one percent of the physical impact of this spraying program.

If you do not believe the spraying truth try this: The reality of the massive Geo-engineered world poisoning atomic bomb testing that negatively altered the planet is not taught in schools (got to wonder why) but every inch of the planet is contaminated with radioactive bomb fall out material that, some or most, are still as radioactive today with half-lives, or decay lives, of millions of years, as it was the years it rained and snowed and slowly drifted onto a population of deafened and dumbed by the big lies. Lies from the controllers are coming from purposely inbred people now infiltrated into power (as Eisenhower warned) with great influence over Presidents and Generals.  Elections are a rig-able formality in a fooled democracy.

Today you might hear this spraying described as “Geoengineering”.  It is another ‘MAD’ program from the “scientific elite” that President Eisenhower warned America about in 1961. This destructive program has been going on since before the advent of the atomic bombs test in 1945 and the subsequent real reason the ozone and the sky were fried is the atom bomb use to kill and thousands of mindless tests. They have told the big lie all along to cover for the sci-fi-elite bomb designers.

These high-altitude spray planes have operated unnoticed for many years but now exposure is imminent.

The weather modification aspect, claimed by the Air Force on their web site to be a “force multiplier”, appear in battle field footage from over the Battle of the Bulge in 1945. Weather was used as a weapon and by clearing the clouds that battle went in the favor of the side with the most money.

Early Evidence

My skin color and slow thinking were all indications that my mind was no longer my best friend. My, mind, when clear, in order and fully active, was my tool to make a living: it was fading into no order. But now evidence of this spraying was in my brain: it was aluminum and other brain toxins. Still is but in low amounts. Body cleaning must go on after the enemy is discovered.

Before Garry came to me I did not know what had taken over my body: That I had been invaded. But with treatment the enemy had been subdued and my mind returned to near full power. Aluminum and other sprayed and absorbed metals are like some invisible nearing fatal enemy attacking all of us in a subtle way.

It is usually a function of good body and diet care and pure water if you are not losing your mind to aluminum, barium and cadmium and 65,000 plus chemicals in the mix we call our air supply; our life support system. But even with the best diet and air quality you will no doubt have these toxins in you and you will be assailed by all kind of disinformation about the sources. An example “aluminum comes from cooking pans”.

You could eat your entire cookware set and not have the levels I had in my body prior to my treatments. And now “they” are putting aluminum into our water supply as if fluoride and bleach is not enough of an assault. Dentist who recommend fluoride toothpaste should be better educated.

Captain Garry had been a longtime friend since 1975. We founded Survival of the Sea Society with others in 1980 after he convinced me with strong evidence to the need of an organization upstream of the oceans to fight for the rights of those downstream: He told me this was a fight for the living ocean and life on this planet and for the far nicer than human creatures whom he shared many wondrous intelligent moments when he was a fisherman on several oceans.

33 years ago, we traveled together that summer of 1985 (in his 240Z) and spoke over numerous radio and television stations from Arkansas to Atlanta to Maine and every state in between talking rationally about mans’ pollution and over fishing affecting fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic and all oceans via currents.

Like dirty undisciplined children we, the mass of humanity is without thought of future. Without thought, with few teachers teaching, we pour a deadly poisoning mix of oil, chemicals and trash into all our waters affecting our food supply and ocean oxygen production every second of every minute.

The good news is this: due to the decades of work Captain Garry and others did, we the people now have the knowledge of cause and the antidotes for positive health effects to at least lesson the planet sickness we are all involved in now.

I began to understand those strange clouds were more than vapor condensation trails from jets in the stratosphere that disappear quickly. Frankly, not much of my attention had been paid to the skies even though being an outdoorsman with plenty of outdoors experience like canoeing, mountain bike riding and camping left me with plenty of time to observe these man-made clouds that control our now out of control weather. I saw but I did not see!

To my surprise many experienced pilots look up when not flying and see nothing unusual.

Piloting my own private airplane for over ten years plus extensive knowledge of clouds earned me enough knowledge to fly instrument rated. How did he know the timing of those spray planes at that precise time and what was the real purpose?

My guess was that a very experience sea captain, living by his wits in the open seas, will see, and pay attention, to all kinds of atmospheric conditions.

Now may be the time to find answers to questions concerning the cause of many of those symptoms, like brain fog on days the sky is white-out and not by clouds, we are experiencing. These will be left unanswered until you take that first step get a hair sample and take the evidence to your local governments. Communities all over the United States have taken up this issue and are beginning to stop something that you never asked for or ever wanted to affect your children and your family.

And by the way, chelating metals out of your system needs to continue for the rest of your life if you see the need to correct this portion of your life. That metallic taste in your mouth may mean mental illness that I now understand may come raining and floating down from the sky as toxic metals know to displace natural lithium a brain stabilizer mineral.

Remember living your life to its fullest means making a choice of common sense. No one else will hold your hand for making good choices.