I sat in this sliver of an office in Washington, D.C. It was more like a long tight closet. Just weeks before, I had commanded a fine super trawler in the North Atlantic. I occupied a spacious wheelhouse overlooking a fine vessel, but I finally had enough of the knowledge of pollution. I was hundreds of miles off the coast of America and Europe, and the waters around me swirled with pollution. I had enough. I founded Survival of the Seas Society/Seaguard with other caring activists, and we went at the fight for our ocean big time. We were the improbable, attempting the impossible with reasonable results.

We won some battles. We produced great educational works, we wrote the National Environmental Education bill with the state of Rhode Island. It passed our congressfilms, magazines, eco- entertainment tours, and humanitarian work that took us through the doors of Cuba. I went in and taught by example and introduced the idea of Cuba becoming a Green Model for the planet on Rebel Radio Havana in 1993. The Castros and Cuba  embraced that idea, and they have become known for this effort. No one can criticize that effort for the planet and for all of us.

That is just a little of what one inspired man can do… imagine if we all worked together, the Earth’s problems would melt like butter.

So the idea of “action through awareness and awareness through education became my motto and my marching orders. There were no troops behind me then. Today, it is a different story-we are numerous and dedicated. Today, we know the score and we plan to help fix what we can, and that may include you and your children. I have in my possession the best tool ever in my 4 decades of activism that took many forms. I do not have a mold to follow. Never have.

I got the taste for helping people live better when one of my oldest and trusted friends developed Alzheimer’s and cancer. After action in the form of hair sampling, detox/chelation, radical diet change and mineral therapy, he was healed of both diseases and thanked me for “saving his life twice”. His named is Dr. Martine Carroll, and he is alive and active and working at 77 ¬†in Hot Springs, Arkansas . He had a foot in the grave and a fate worse than that: he was losing his mind from pollution.

We found the cause-aluminum, we got him detox help, and he lives a great, healthy life. This is not some sales pitch. This is reality. I got a taste of saving a friend, and I did not stop there. Many have benefited by our work with hair samples. It is simple; read the data on this site. It is real, and it heals if you take the proper steps.

As a fisherman, I would captain a vessel very well and bring in an honest catch. Feed many. I would make some more money and go back into the belly of the beast and try to learn how to reason with the unreasonable–our governments.

I actually had some success, but those stories are in my soon to come already written now being assembled books. I surprise myself with these works. Most had been forgotten away in boxes of things to do later for decades.

Now people seem to be waking up and need real information gathered over time with a desire to know more through long term continuity of gathered information. This works. That is the life cycles of an activist you do what you can when you can and come back if you are lucky and finish what you started and close your circle of life.

Today, with a shared data base hair sampling program sharing the results, people can organize and have encounter groups to discuss illnesses and compare toxins and begin a group healing process like AA or NA.

With your help, our first goal is 1,000,000 hair tests. This will give us health activists a tool to change the immediate situation from ignorance to enlightened people who are not equipped to know the causes and the effects of toxins in our life support system. This project can help the quality of your and your family’s lives. This is real.

We used the first test offered that measures the potential toxicity of the known toxic metals in our bodies in relation to other people from your area code, and these toxins are from external sources. This is the one we used in our first BP Horizon toxicity of fishermen study. This study was used as evidence in health lawsuits related to the BP Horizon. Not a dime has been paid to these people. Me included I was there documenting what was happening in bayou and was sprayed by planes with witnesses while I slept on the deck of a shrimp boat inside the bay in St. Bernard Louisiana.

I was seriously poisoned but the hair sample I did on me helped a alternative medicine doctor pull me back from real sick. They paid me and we had this on film. That is the devil we are up against as people fighting toxins in our bodies. I tried to sue, not for the money, but to get this toxic evidence into a court. We are blocked at every turn but we have a way with this Public Eyes Media.org idea to gather hugh evidence that can lead to a better life if you act, if we act responsibly. We have to do that on our own because our government does not act that way in regards to our health.

When we did our first, open data base hair sample program around the Gulf of Mexico and inland in 2011, we found ‘horrible’ levels of toxins. Some of these we know the source like aluminum, which is used to reflect light from the planet to help the global temperature changes underway in the wrong direction. This time, we`ll take it to the people and to the Congress, and there is no lying about what is happening in the skies above the planet anymore. The evidence is in our bodies and our children’s bodies. We have just enough time if we act to save ourselves and our Earth.